I feel for you mama's pregnant during this pandemic. Especially those first time mamas. I remember being nervous about everything...and so scared to give birth. I can not imagine the extra stress of having to worry about catching Covid-19 and having your child taken away after birth till you're better, not being able to have family come visit in the hospital, having to wear a mask to appointments...and I'm sure there are a million other things happening now that I'm not even aware of. To you mamas know that you are brave, you are loved, and you got this!

I was so sad to have to postpone my mommy & me sessions this year. I held them last year and was fully booked, but had to pull advertising this time around due to COVID-19. And that's ok, everyones safety is top priority. But I'm so thankful I was able to still do a few of these.

Mom's it's so important that we take the time to be in photos with our kids. Whether that means professional photos (which are the best option!) or having your husband take some photos of you with the kids...it's so important that they have them to look back on. And let's be honest, if your husband is anything like mine...they won't be the most flattering images! Is my husband the only one that never thinks to take photos, and then when I ask it's like what were you thinking when you snapped the camera!?!

Thank you so much to all of those that played along over on facebook during the quarantine photo contest.

This session was my first session out of lockdown and it was amazing! This sweet mama won the giveaway and wanted to use the session to document her children. I just love all the connection and fun that shows through in these images. These kids were a blast!