Be prepared for some super cuteness!! When this mama reached out to me and asked if we could add a milk bath to the session of course the answer was yes!! How sweet is this little one in her boho outfits, delicately eating her cake, and splashing around in a sweet little tub. Too Sweet!!!

This session is probably one of my sweetest sessions ever. Mama reached out and wanted to surprise her husband with a session and to document her first bites of food. Her husband showed up with no clue what was going on and was so surprised. He seriously was so game for it and that smile never left his face. What a perfect gift!

I'm so glad our "Safer at Home" order is ending on 4/30. I know life won't just return to normal, and that's ok. We still need to practice social distance and stay home when possible...but I'm so excited to start slowing getting back to sessions. I really miss documenting these growing babies.


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