3 Month Milestone Session - Madilyn

Being stuck at home, I'm really missing documenting all these sweet babies. Just look at those cute little baby rolls and sweet little smiles. It's crazy how much our babies grow and change over the first year. I'm so honored to get to document these moments for my families.

So some exciting news...I've been working with a contractor to potentially add an addition to our home that will also hold my home studio!! I'm not getting my hopes up because I suspect the cost is going be too high, but we have some options up our sleeves and maybe, just maybe we can make it happen over the next year. I love having the space currently for a studio, but hate that it's in the upper half of my home and it's a bit tight in there. But maybe bigger better things are on the way...I hope at least!!

Now the whole reason you clicked on this blog post...sweet little Madilyn!

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