Always learning, always investing in this sweet business of mine.

I have always loved taking photos. Always! I have always been the one behind the camera or passing off the camera (phone) to strangers to snap photos of me and my friends/family. One of my favorite memories of high school and college was dropping off my Polaroid camera at Walmart and shopping around with friends for an hour before picking up our photos and looking at them all in the car.

Capturing memories with the people we love is so important. Just think about that for a minute...there will come a time when we won't have those loved ones around with us. Photos will one day be the only thing we have to remember them by. Photos are so important!

When I first started out doing this, I was so focused on getting everyone to look at my camera and smile, making sure everyone was posed just right. These photos are great, we all want one to hang in our home...but as I've been doing this, I've really realized that the magic is in the details, in the normal, in the everyday. So I've transitioned my style a bit...I want to capture that love, excitement, giggles, laughs and tickles as you love on your loved ones. These are the photos that are really going to matter. These are the photos that you will look back on and feel and remember the love and emotion. That is what is important to me in creating photos of your family. to do accomplish these emotive photos? Well it's not easy! It takes educating your clients before the session, it takes prompts to get your clients to engage and have fun together. It takes practice, lots of practice and confidence in your art. And because this is what I want to capture, I started researching my favorite photographers and decided to fly out to AZ and take a mentorship with one of the best, MacKenzie Pudenz Photography. What she has taught me is helping me get to where I want to be while documenting your families. I can not wait to get out there and put everything I've learned to practice. Just take a look at this session she ran and I second shot at. Can you feel all the love and emotion?

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