Fall Mini - Price

So confession...I have a love hate relationship with mini sessions. Let me break it down for you...


- I don't really get to know the families, we have a quick 15 minute session and I want to get it all in so I'm just go go go...In fact I often call kids by the wrong name b/c I'm doing sessions back to back to back and they all jumble into one!

- It's hard to be super creative because time is limited, and it's hard to remember what you've done with each family (or haven't done)

- You don't necessarily get ideal lighting. I love to shoot golden hour and even then you only get those amazing flares and golden glow for like 15 minutes. So that means not everyone is going to have that during their session.

-If your child needs time to warm up to strangers you could end up with a screaming baby, or grumpy child the whole time.


- I'm able to offer my sessions to families that can't afford the full session experience.

- It's a great way to market my business and get new clients.

- They're a ton of fun, and honestly most sessions could be completely in 20-30 minutes so they often work out really well for families.

- I get to meet lots of families and create memories they can cherish for a lifetime!

So, just remember when you book a mini you are getting a great deal but there are some sacrifices made as well. I think minis are great if you truly just need one or two photos, or you want to test out a photographer and make sure they're a good fit for your family. So I'll keep offering them each year and hope for the best :)

And sometimes, you'll be the lucky family like the one below that snags that 15 minutes of golden hour yumminess!

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