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This morning I have the daunting task of "office" work. I think sometimes clients forget or don't realize that there is way more that happens behind the scenes then during your session. Shooting a session is about 10% of our workflow. It's certainly the most fun part of the job...but, a lot happens behind the scenes. Today, I am backing up to a second hard drive all my RAW files. For those that don't know, RAW files are unedited images from sessions. These files are huge typically around 28MB and we save them all...and back them all up. Its not cheap, but it's important should a hard drive fail to have them in a second spot! Fun fact, I also save and back up your edited images to 3 locations, my external hard drive and two online locations. While it is your responsibility to save your images within 90 days and back them up often I can retrieve them (for a small fee) should you lose them. Just please be sure to download, save and back up your images!!

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