Styled Fall Family Session

I had a vision in mind and wanted to test out a new location for sessions. So I asked my gorgeous friend if her family would be my models. I provided the outfits for mom and the kids and we worked together to pull together Dad's outfit. I just love how this session came out.

Outfits are so important, they really make a good photograph phenomenal!

Some tips that always work in photos...

1. moms wear a maxi dress. it always looks good in photos! You can show movement, you can sit, stand be posed without having to worry about exposing yourself!

2. EARTH TONES!! Earth tones are 100% my style, my vibe, what I want to see in images. They will look great hung in your home, they're timeless, and they work well with my editing style.

My favorite colors are mustard, burnt orange, browns, ivories, creams, olive green and burgundy.

3. Layers and textures. Think about different textures, linens, knits, patterns. I love a cardigan for layering for mom and kids, a thin utility jacket or vest for dad, beanies, knee high socks for little girls, suspender, and vests for little boys.

4. Accessories and shoes. Moms throw on some statement rings, think about adding a necklace and fun earrings and a bracelet. Please think about everyones not wear sneakers or neon colored shoes...everyone should have nice clean shoes that match their outfits.

5. Last but not least, make up. Add a little more then you normally would. Consider false lashes...they go a long way in photos...I personally always get my hair done and lashes put on before my family sessions.

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