Sweet Family of 5 - Kees

I hope everyone is staying sane during this crazy season and social distancing. It's such a strange time to be living. Walking into the grocery store and seeing shelves emptied, meat gone, canned goods over picked, frozen food section completely empty!

I happened to go grocery shopping last Thursday morning and remember grabbing what we needed, I only got enough meat for a few days because I wanted to think about trying some new recipes...then Thursday night they declared a state of emergency. My husband went to the store the next afternoon and everything was gone!

Set in complete panic.

I remember sitting down for dinner that night and thinking this is so sad, we have money and can't even provide for our family because there is literally no food at the store. It really made me think about those in need, families who struggle regularly to put food on the table, families that went through the depression. It really opened my eyes to those in need. I hope that through this all we can come together to help each other out and learn from this experience.

I've seen so much good through all the bad, I pray it continues. I love seeing all the families outside enjoying each other, father's home to play with their kiddos. Sort of reminds me of what life must have been like in the 50s. Reminds me to put down my phone and enjoy the little monsters I've created. Time to just be a family and be happy in what we have and with each other.

Be well friends!!

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