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Download Kitab Aqidatun Najin Pdf




. The Toronto Public Library has a free and public version of this book: [ A. Aqidah Al Najin: Free online books are generally not available in English. If you know of one that is, please let me know. . From the Tafsir Ibn Kathir website: Ibn Kathir writes: The book of Aqeedah The book of Aqeedah in Arabic is called Al Aqidah. It is said that the Prophet (saw) said: "That which is from Allah will remain and what is from the devil will be lost." Al Aqidah is one of the subjects of hadith. In it, the "aadha" is God, and the true way leading to Him is that of the prophet. The Prophet (saw) is the remnant of the prophets and the holy scripture. Dictionary of Wahabism: AQI DATINJIN (PROPHETIC TRUTH) The book of Aqeedah describes itself as an introduction to prophetic knowledge. The author makes a point to claim that he does not use difficult words, but is an easy read. He writes that he has a choice of writing in Arabic or in English and he chose English, but not because it's easier, but because it's more accessible to the international community. The book is entitled Aqeedah al-Najin. The author begins by saying that "The words of God are the purest and clearest words, as he who has understood these words has succeeded in understanding God." Thus, he says, his intention is to bring people to understand the meaning of words, and hence why the Qur'an, the Sunnah, and the Qur'an are considered the most trustworthy sources of information about God. The first chapter is devoted to the




Download Kitab Aqidatun Najin Pdf

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