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Let's spend an evening together (roughly 3.5-4 hours) going over all the things that will help your business and art.  We will spend our first hour together talking about anything you want to learn, CODB, Marketing, Attracting your Ideal Client, Social Media, Camera Settings, Lighting, Location Scouting, Styling, anything at all you want to learn to help boost your business! 

Our second hour will be spent shooting a sunset family session fully styled by me. You will shoot along side me where you can watch and see exactly how I run my sessions, ask questions about settings, etc. along the way and get some beautiful shots for building your portfolio.  

Our last hour together will be spent editing together.  You will learn what presets I use and how I tweak them.  You will receive my custom brushes I've built to achieve the edits I want, and see why I shoot with the setting I do to achieve those edits. You will also learn how I finish off my images in Photoshop and get my photoshop actions for portraiture and adding some detail to your final image. 

After our time together you will be added to my mentorship FB group too! 



  • 3.5 hours

  • Hour 1: Education 

  • Hour 2: Shooting a sunset family session together

  • Hour 3: Editing education





Meraki is headed to Joshua Tree in Spring 2023.  March 31st - April 2nd.  Let's get creative together in one of the most sought out locations for sessions!!  Let's push creative boundaries, build up your portfolio, and build your community!!  We will learn all things running a successful business, client management and client experience and how to set yourself apart from the competition, as well as styling, session flow, workflow and all my editing tips and tricks.  We will shoot two sunset family session together where you will see exactly how I get my storytelling images, we will then sit down and edit together.  You will watch me edit as you edit a similar image from our sessions!  

I'm keeping this retreat intimate with only 4 seats, I want to make sure you all have time to ask all the questions and have space during the shoot outs. Each attendee will also have a private 30 minute 1x1 with me during the retreat. 




  • Lodging and all meals, snacks and drinks at the AirBnB 

  • Education to include but not limited to; CODB, Running your business, client management, client experience, styling and session flow, client closet, and editing. 

  • 2 Styled sunset family sessions in Joshua Tree National Park

  • Exploring JT with option to do headshots with the other attendees. 

  • Added to my Mentorship FB group for continued education. 





Photographers are you in a creative rut.  Feel like you do the same thing over and over in sessions and still aren't getting what you want? Wish you had a portfolio that reflected beautifully styled clients to help inspire future clients to dress the part??  Well a shoot out is definitely for you!  We will have a small group of photographers together to shoot a perfectly styled session and you can learn how I guide my clients for those beautiful storyteller shots!  Come have fun, participate as much as you want, if you prefer to sit back watch as it's happening and grab a few shots along the way that's fine too!!  Just come ready to make some magic, meet some new friends, and build your portfolio! 


All images taken during shootouts may be used in your portfolios, I just ask that when sharing on socials you say taken at the shoot out hosted by @photosbykellylynn.


Currently booking - Chattanooga, May 6th 2023  



  • Styled Sunset Session

  • Chattanooga Shoot Out

  • May 6th - Golden Hour

  • $175



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