Being stuck at home, I'm really missing documenting all these sweet babies. Just look at those cute little baby rolls and sweet little smiles. It's crazy how much our babies grow and change over the first year. I'm so honored to get to document these moments for my families.

So some exciting news...I've been working with a contractor to potentially add an addition to our home that will also hold my home studio!! I'm not getting my hopes up because I suspect the cost is going be too high, but we have some options up our sleeves and maybe, just maybe we can make it happen over the next year. I love having the space currently for a studio, but hate that it's in the upper half of my home and it's a bit tight in there. But maybe bigger better things are on the way...I hope at least!!

Now the whole reason you clicked on this blog post...sweet little Madilyn!

I hope everyone is staying sane during this crazy season and social distancing. It's such a strange time to be living. Walking into the grocery store and seeing shelves emptied, meat gone, canned goods over picked, frozen food section completely empty!

I happened to go grocery shopping last Thursday morning and remember grabbing what we needed, I only got enough meat for a few days because I wanted to think about trying some new recipes...then Thursday night they declared a state of emergency. My husband went to the store the next afternoon and everything was gone!

Set in complete panic.

I remember sitting down for dinner that night and thinking this is so sad, we have money and can't even provide for our family because there is literally no food at the store. It really made me think about those in need, families who struggle regularly to put food on the table, families that went through the depression. It really opened my eyes to those in need. I hope that through this all we can come together to help each other out and learn from this experience.

I've seen so much good through all the bad, I pray it continues. I love seeing all the families outside enjoying each other, father's home to play with their kiddos. Sort of reminds me of what life must have been like in the 50s. Reminds me to put down my phone and enjoy the little monsters I've created. Time to just be a family and be happy in what we have and with each other.

Be well friends!!

Emotional Storytelling. The process of sharing facts, which are told with emotions and details.

My goal during your session is to emotionally tell your families story. I want to capture genuine smiles, laughter, and connections between family members. I want to get those sweet detailed shots. Your son grabbing for your hand, his head nestled into your chest, the joy as he chases his brother around.

We won't just sit or stand together in a posed shot trying to get everyone to look at the camera and smile. In fact I plan to get one, maybe two of these shots...then my rule to parents is not to look at my camera unless I ask you to. I want you to interact with your kids, I want everyone always connected and touching, I want to capture that love on film.