Y'all, we had to reschedule this session about 5 times...2020 was such a hard year! But we finally made it happen in October. Yep, October and I'm just now getting to blogging the session. So I'll just leave these beautiful photos right here for you to enjoy!

Anyone else just ready for spring?? I'm really missing getting out and creating memories with my families. And I just want to get out and explore and try to find some new locations for sessions. As a creative I'm always looking for the next great thing! Can not wait to announce my spring minis! And check out my specials page for the just release Mommy and Me minis.

I just love my job so much and getting to meet new families! It seriously brings me so much joy to spend some time with new people and tell their stories. Cannot wait to meet all my new families in 2021 and hopefully see some familiar faces too :)


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