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Can I book a session for extended Family?

- No, I don't offer extended family sessions at this time, this includes bringing grandma and grandpa along for just one photo.  My sessions are all about your family and all the connection between you.  It takes time to build those moments and I find even just having grandparents around to "help" makes it difficult for your kids to warm up to me.  So leave grandma and grandpa home for the night and let's focus on your family! 

Do you travel outside of Williamson Co / Can we use our land for our session? 

- I do travel outside of Williamson for a travel fee, message me and we can chat about it.  I love the opportunity to use clients land and have done it in the past, however I do need to come see the property first to make sure the lighting works, and if your property is outside of Williamson Co there will be a travel fee involved.  Keep in mind as well that my sessions are booked 2 per night unless you choose the Adventure session so if we did use your property I would potentially also be shooting my second family's session on your property as well.

Storyteller and Adventure session clients will have a styling appointment here in my in home studio/styling room.  You will be able to browse through and try on items, though I will personally pull my picks for your family before you arrive to your session.  From here we will incorporate pieces from the closet if you wish and I will send you 3-4 style boards for inspiration.  You can shop items directly, shop for similar inspired looks, or search your closet for pieces that will fit our overall vision for your session.  

So browse a sample of the women's dresses below, and see images from sessions that have used the client closet and styling assistance.  

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