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Meraki for Photographers Nuna Veda Greenhouse Content Day

Did you know that I also teach?'s been on my heart since I started photography. I host shootouts where other photographers come and watch me run sessions and create content! I have a whole second account over on Instagram dedicated to these shootouts called @meraki_for_photographers feel free to give me a follow wether you're a client or photographer...I do model calls too!!

If you're a photographer be on the lookout for adventure shootouts coming in 2024. I'll be in Boise, Colorado, Missouri and Oregon Coast for sure, and hoping to add at least one more travel location too!

If you're a client and loving this location it's here in Franklin and can be booked for your session, there is a small fee to rent the space which would be on you to cover but it's a gorgeous spot and you're session would be one full hour as they book the greenhouse in 1 hour increments, I also add on a few extra images to help with the added cost.



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